How to setup Windows RD Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)

How to setup Windows RD Client (Remote Desktop Client) – First make sure Windows firewall is not disabled by your Antivirus program. If Windows firewall is disabled, then enable it or add custom rules. It’s also recommended to change Power & sleep settings so that the PC won’t sleep automatically.

How to Setup Windows RD Client (Remote Desktop Client)

Remote Desktop setup when Host & Client on same network

How to setup Windows RD Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)
How to setup Windows RD Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)

Host Configuration

  • Press Windows logo key + pause to open windows properties.
    Tap Remote settings.
  • Select Allow remote connection to this computer.
  • It’s recommended to enable Network Level Authentication.
  • Apply Changes.
  • Press Windows logo key + R to open Run.
  • Type “CMD” & hit enter to open the command prompt.
  • Type “ipconfig” & hit enter.
  • This PC’s IPv4 address is, we can use this to setup RD client.
  • This IP is set by router & is not this PC’s Public IP Address.

This IP changes every time when PC connects to the network, as a result Remote desktop connection won’t be successful always. So we have to setup a Static IP address for this PC.
Note down Default Gateway address, we need this later.

  • To configure static IP open Control Panel.
  • Tap View network status & tasks.
  • Tap Change adapter settings.
  • Right click on Connection, tap Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and tap Properties.
  • Select Use the following IP address.
  • My router IP is, so my usable IP is from to
  • So I’m going to use as my Static IP.
  • Use default values for Subnet mask & for Default Gateway use Default Gateway address noted down from Command prompt.
  • Use same Gateway address for Preferred DNS Server.
  • For Alternate DNS server use Google DNS.
  • Tap OK to apply changes.

Now I have successfully set as my static IP. From now on, every time I connect this PC to my network its IP will be automatically set to Next i need Username & Password for authentication. To know Username type echo %username% on Command Prompt & hit Enter. And Username will be displayed. Next is Password, Password is the same which we use to login into Windows.

If you do not set password for your PC, it is recommended to add one. And if you already a have password set or using Outlook account to login you can skip the next step.

  1. To add a password, open Settings by clicking the Windows logo key + I.
  2. Tap Accounts.
  3. Select Sign-in options from the menu.
  4. Tap Add button under Password.
  5. Enter your desired password & hint in respective fields & tap Next button.
  6. Tap Finish to apply changes & password will be set.
  7. Now Host configuration is successfully
  8. next we have to configure Client.
  9. Client Configuration Open Play Store & search Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  10. Install Application.
  11. Open Application.
  12. Accept License terms & privacy statement.
  13. Tap + on the top right to add a new connection.
  14. Tap Desktop from the dropdown list.
  15. Enter PC’s Static IP on Host name or IP address field.
  16. Tap Username Field & select Add user account from the dropdown list.
  17. Enter PC User name & Password in respective field & tap Save.

If you are using Outlook account to log into Windows then enter Outlook password in the Password field.

  • Tap Save to save connection.
  • Now both Host & Client configured successfully, let’s try to access Windows PC using smartphone.
  • Connection established successfully & I can access my Windows PC using smartphone.

Remote Desktop setup when Host & Client on different Network

I have already shown how to allow remote connection & setup static IP. Next open browser & go to Router control Panel. If you don’t know your router credentials, check user manual. Or check on

  • You can find Protocol, Username & Password of almost all brands of router on this site.
  • Log In to control Panel.
  • Go to port forwarding section.

If you can’t find the Port Forwarding tab, look under menus like Applications, Gaming, Apps and Gaming, Virtual Servers, Firewall, Protected Setup etc.

  • Enter port no 3389 in Start & End port field.
  • For LAN IP enter the PC’s static IP & select TCP for protocol.
  • Save configuration to apply changes.
  • Everything looks good, But we must check whether port 3389 is open or not.
  • For that open new tab & go to
  • Enter port no 3389 in Port to Check field & tap Check Port button.
  • Success! Port 3389 is open & working fine.

Now note down the PC’s public IP from Your IP field, we need it later to configure Client.

Client Configuration

My PC is connected to Wi-Fi network “404 Network Unavailable”. But my Mobile device is connected to another Wi-Fi network. So if I try to access my PC using old connection settings, it won’t connect. To access PC create a new connection. Enter IP address you noted down from in Host name or IP address field. Use same User account if you haven’t changed your Username or Password else create new user account. Save connection.

Now let’s try to remote access PC. Connection established successfully & I can access my Windows PC using smartphone. Using same procedures we can configure & access Windows PC remotely on iOS & other devices which support Remote Desktop application. Frequently Asked Questions

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