Remote Desktop Applications as Fast As Possible

Remote Desktop Applications as Fast As Possible – if you’re like me your home desktop PC is your domain it’s powerful it’s got all your files your shortcuts are laid out perfectly. and you always feel comfortable but then you have to take a trip out of town space is out of premium. you’re forced to make a call do you bring your desktop or your two-year-old well as cute as your desktop may be if you have a toddler the odds are excellent that the person who carried it around for nine months to make it will have some say in the matter so out comes the laptop you haven’t touched in the last six months if you want to be connected in any way to the world
however unoptimized that experience might be but is there a way that you could take that desktop experience with you won’t yes actually great question viewer by the way there is and it’s pretty darn awesome in this magical world of technology we have a plethora of applications

That allow you to control a computer remotely via another computer or even a mobile device whether you’re on site or off but what is the best application to use well if you’re using Windows there’s actually a built-in option for remote desktop called remote desktop connection though it’s only available with professional-grade editions are higher in the security isn’t the greatest thing ever the main benefits of the integrated solution are that it allows for a high level of control you can manage all your applications and transfer files between pcs with ease.

Remote Desktop Applications as Fast As Possible

It doesn’t require any additional software to set up some downsides however are that you can only connect ROM a Windows machine to a Windows machine using this software none of that freaky deaky Mac Windows cross-platform nonsense going on and while if you’re connected within your local network it’s pretty easy it’s just a matter of enabling it on the host computer
configuring your settings so only computers that you control can access it remotely.

Remote Desktop Applications as Fast As Possible
Remote Desktop Applications as Fast As Possible

Then typing in the name of the computer when you want a roll control hit enter it becomes a little more difficult when we’re loading in from the outside of your network as you’ll have to manually open up some ports on your router full details on how to do that can be found at the Life hacker link in the post but of course there are also plenty of third-party solutions that fit the bill as well if you’re looking for an extremely simple option than a program like TeamViewer has you covered it takes minutes to set up an account and you can even use it with an account.

If you prefer you just need the connection ID and password from the computer that you’re trying to access you can use TeamViewer at no charge for personal use the definition of which you can find on their website and you can get full access to all your programs share files kind of slowly but it works between your PCs and switch between monitors if you have a multi monitor setup all within a very simple interface and they even have a mobile app.

So you can access your home PC no matter where you are TeamViewer hosting works on Windows Mac and Linux and you can get clients and Lowe’s and Android iOS and even Windows Phone. So much cross-platform love man there are other cross-platform options too like LogMeIn although LogMeIn now charges a subscription fee even for personal use which pretty much takes it out of the running for very casual users and then there are a ton of awesome solutions for linux like putty but they all accomplish pretty much the same goal accessing your home computer or your work computer from any other computer.

allowing you to feel comfortable when surfing the web creating presentation or doing whatever it is you want to do on a computer with only very short delays because yes there’s always a gotcha isn’t there the quality of your streaming experience over the Internet will be heavily dependent on your upload speed at your base station and download speed wherever your travels take you with a great connection I’ve been able to edit videos on a remote workstation even play them back but with a poor one you can see delays as long as a second or more making it quite difficult to enjoy speaking of things that are easier to enjoy when they don’t have much delay ddr4 memory and more specifically XP gz1 ddr4 from a data the sponsor of today’s article this is the memory that we use in our ddr3 vs. ddr4 apples-to-apples comparison video on my other channel.

The whole lineup is pretty darn spiffy if you’re looking for memory for your new LGA 2011 3 system with a 6 core or 8 core processor it’s available in speeds of up to twenty eight hundred megahertz with faster speeds of up to 22 gigabytes per second and does that while being more reliable and while consuming 20% less power than comparable ddr3 kits so if you’re looking for some ball and ran to go you’re ballin new CPU check out a data is XP gz1 series thanks to a data for sponsoring this episode of fast as possible.

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