Remote Desktop Comparison – VNC vs RDP vs LogMeIn

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote desktop, also known as RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), is usually faster than others. Because the computer is controlled remotely, the image doesn’t have to be displayed on a separate screen. Basically, this works in one session or on a “virtual” desktop on a remote computer. The disadvantage is that it only works with certain versions of Windows. Even if you try to help someone remotely, they can’t see what you are doing. if that’s what you want.


With VNC, you can control the computer remotely as if you are sitting in front of it. This works very well to support someone remotely. You can watch what you do. Hopefully next time you will learn how to do it yourself. If you are technical enough to control your computer remotely. You may be asked by everyone around you to fix their computer. Don’t just feed the man, teach him how to fish. The loss is the same as profit. Other people can see what you are doing. It might not always want you to want it. If you also need to render images on the screen, your remote experience will slow down.

VNC on Mac
VNC on Mac


There is also a proprietary web-based software. What I’m about to show is LogMeIn. This has the advantage that you can easily control your computer remotely. This means you don’t have to deal with networks. There is a LogMeIn server in the middle where you talk. The LogMeIn server remains connected to the remote computer. The client computer can communicate directly with the LogMeIn server, which then communicates with the remote computer. This way you can do something that is not offered by the other two options. You can install it on a laptop wherever the laptop is located. You can access it while you are connected to the Internet. The disadvantage is the same as VNC. The unique disadvantage of this solution is that when you control your computer from the same network remotely, you can access the computer in your room from a laptop on your couch. The connection must be to the internet and back if I can get through your local network now, this can add unnecessary delays.



Overall, it takes a while to set up, but you can choose what you want to use in certain scenarios. To use Windows Remote Desktop, see Connecting to a Windows 10 PC using Remote Desktop.

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