Remote Desktop Connection Software in Windows 7

Remote Desktop Connection Software in Windows 7 – hello in this article Remote Desktop 10 I am going to show you how to configure a Windows 7 computer to allow remote desktop access. Will do that on a virtual Windows 7 computer running inside of VMware Player will also show you on a different windows 7 virtual computer running inside a VMware Player.

Remote Desktop Connection Software
Remote Desktop Connection Software

How to Configure the Remote Desktop Connection Software

Actually make a connection to the computer we configured to allow a remote desktop access connection so we’re going to start by working with BK – CL 1 which is a computer we would like to make a remote desktop access connection.

  • Click on the start button
  • Right click on computer
  • Left click on properties this opens my system properties from here
  • I can click on the advanced system settings
  • Then go to the remote tab on the remote tab
  • I can allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer so we’ll check that box.

If we click the advanced button this allows the computer to be controlled remotely. We can set the maximum amount of time invitations can remain open so let’s just change it from the default value of 6 to 12 hours and Click OK.

What this means is as an end user, I can invite somebody else such as a helpdesk to remotely join me and assist me down below here. We have remote desktop and if I allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop. Click OK

I’m now essentially setting it up to allow a connection from a different computer. So if I go to BK – CL to click on start click on all programs -> Click on accessories and then click on the remote desktop connection link. I can type the computer name in BK – CL 1 as a computer I would like to connect to if I click the options button I’ve got a few options that I can set up to assist me make my connection a little better experience.

If I click the display tab I can change the screen resolution size to smaller or much larger I can go fullscreen all the way down to 640 by 480 I’d like to be 800 by 600 pixels I can also change the color depth right

  • Now we’re at 32-bit and I’ll leave it at 32-bit color
  • Click the local resources tab
  • I have the ability to connect my printers
  • Clipboard on cl2 while I’m using a desktop on cl1
  • Click the more button

I have the ability to connect my C Drive or drives that I plug in later or an optical drive or a floppy disk drive I only have a C Drive. I’m fine with that selection if I click OK and then go to the experience tab on the experience tab I’m going to change my speed from low speed broadband to land 10 Mbps or higher and you’ll see that a land connection allows desktop background font smoothing desktop composition and an overall better experience.

So in summary I’m going to connect to B K dash C l1 and over here this is B K dash CL one I have allowed the connection so from B K dash CL 2 let’s click the connect button and we have to connect and provide a password for the connection and click on OK. This may take a little time to secure a remote connection so I’m going to fast forward this okay.

Now we’re connected you will have seen that during the connection phase BK – CL 1 was logged off and BK – CL 2 connected to BK – CL 1 and we can minimize that we’re at BK – CL – and we can maximize that so we now have a connection to BK – CL 1 from the BK – CL 2 computer and if we click on the start button and open Notepad and click on file open we now have additional disk drives available to us we’ve got the C Drive for BK – CL 1 but we also have the C Drive on BK – CL

I have the ability to use either disk drives the one on the local computer the one I’m using remote desktop connection on or the disk drive located on the remote computer the one I am connected to so I’m going to go ahead and cancel this and close notepad and then I’m going to log off of BK – CL 1 the best way to do this is to click the start button and choose log off so this concludes my presentation on how to configure a computer to allow a remote desktop access connection as well as how to make a remote desktop connection to a remote computer this is brick house labs calm and thank you very much for read How to Configure the Remote Desktop Connection Software in Windows 7.

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